KRC Construction Inc., a subsidiary of KRC Group of Companies, further strengthened its contracting and construction material sales services, which it started in 1991, following its expansion towards the heating industry in 1994. The company, which entered a restructuring process back in 2011, currently continues its operations achieving success also in the field of air conditioning (heating & cooling systems). KRC Construction Inc., one of the pioneer companies also in the air conditioning industry, continues its successful process with its recent breakthroughs in the sector.


KRC Project Engineering Inc., a member of the KRC Group of Companies, has been the Main Distributing Dealer of BAYMAK Inc. since its establishment in 2017 and continues its operations, increasing its sales volume each and every passing year. Coming top of Baymak Turkey in terms of sales volume every year since its establishment, KRC Project Engineering Inc. is well ahead in the field of air conditioning (heating & cooling systems) and competes only with itself. In parallel with the company’s ever-growing business volume, the number of people it employs constantly increases. The company, which currently has a wide trade network with more than 100 Baymak sub-dealers and hundreds of temporary investment dealers, continues its services with its main distributing dealer and sub-dealers in Western Black Sea, Marmara and Aegean regions where 50% of the Turkish population resides.