KRC GROUP OF COMPANIES, which started its business operations back in 1985 with KARACA CONSTRUCTION, continues its activities in the fields of construction (home and abroad), air conditioning, animal husbandry, tourism, software and foreign trade.

KRC GROUP OF COMPANIES maintains its existence with the following companies in the industries it operates: KRC CONSTRUCTION INC. in the building and construction industry, KRC PROJECT ENGINEERING INC. in the air conditioning, wholesale and retail industry, BESİCİLER AGRICULTURE INC. in the livestock industry  and ÇEVİK PROJECT SOFTWARE INC. in the software industry.

KRC CONSTRUCTION INC. constructs each new project with a more modern approach and by designing all the details that can meet all needs of the day. It designs and builds business centre, office and housing projects with its large and experienced staff with the aim of creating modern and happy living spaces that ensure proper urbanization and producing liveable and reliable spaces that will please the people who are the focal points in life.

In addition to the projects that add value to our country and contribute to our economy in its fields of activity, KRC GROUP OF COMPANIES carries out social responsibility projects in and of itself in the fields of education, culture and solidarity and supports many others.